A STUDENT has criticised The Sun for language used to describe disability after she was nominated for the newspaper’s Who Cares Wins health awards.

Chloe Tear, 20, a Psychology and Child Development student at Leeds Trinity University, is an active disability blogger who writes about her experiences of mild Cerebral Palsy, chronic pain and visual cortex disorder.

She was nominated for the Unsung Hero award by I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! winner Vicky Pattison - but was left disappointed by the language used in the newspaper.

She said: “It’s amazing to have been nominated for The Sun’s Unsung Hero Award. It was an incredible experience to meet Vicky Pattison, she really is so lovely.

“But if The Sun is wanting to be more positive and celebrate the NHS and volunteers they really need to sort out their wording. First of all, ‘cerebral palsy suffer’ totally goes against what I want to promote, and secondly, ‘living with a handicap’. What’s wrong with the word disability?

“In the UK, the word handicap is very outdated and I’m amazed it has been included. It basically suggests that we’re not capable of anything and must beg for money to survive.”

She added: “I am very thankful for the nomination and I know The Sun means well. It would just go completely against the work I do if I was to sit back and not question these wording choices.”

The Sun has since removed the word ‘handicap’ from the article and a spokesman said they had apologised to Chloe.

He added: “We’re excited to spotlight Chloe’s work through the Who Cares Wins awards, as well as the dozens of other nominees. These awards are about highlighting those who have gone above and beyond in the health service, charities and in other spheres, regularly tackling stereotypes along the way.

“We would be very happy to talk to Chloe as well as other charities to ensure that our coverage and the language we use reflects the views of those who are most directly affected.”

The health awards were launched in July to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS. The winners will be announced in October.