DOORS have been officially opened at Rawdon Community Library after a donation from a former councillor.

Brian Cleasby, who was a Horsforth ward councillor and former Lord Mayor, made a donation of his legacy MICE money ((Members Improvements in the Community and Environment) to the library.

The money has paid for hand-crafted double doors set between the the main library and the local history room. The engraved glass doors can now be closed to create an independent room.

A library spokeswoman said: “In recognition of this and of his staunch support for the library over the years, Brian Cleasby and his wife Jo were invited to perform the celebratory opening of the doors which took place on one of the library’s community coffee morning.

“Mr Cleasby explained that he was pleased with the work the volunteers had done with the library - without them there would be no library and he wanted, in his final year as a councillor, to reward their efforts.

“As the doors to the LH room will help them make more use of the library space, he chose to make that his legacy MICE money donation.