A “VERY rare” combination of warm weather and a surge in the number of homeowners determined to stem the scourge of plastic waste has brought an unexpected boost for two local businessmen.

Charles Taylor and Domenic Harrison, who run Ilkley-based decking firm Composite Prime Ltd, have seen record orders nationwide in recent weeks – and the war on plastic being waged by more and more environmentally-friendly households is a key a factor in the sudden uplift in sales.

“Things have just really taken off,” said sales director Charles Taylor. “One definite reason is there’s been a big change in awareness, particularly around plastic waste.

“People are asking questions: they want to know more about the landscape products they’re thinking of buying.

“Our products are sourced from end-of-line wood waste from the hardwood floor industry and, critically, recycled plastic. That has really struck a chord as homeowners are pleased we’re taking waste plastic out of circulation.”

The equivalent of more than 3,000 recycled plastic bottle caps are used in the manufacture of every square metre of composite decking – and Composite Prime have seen sales race ahead as awareness has spread, while landscapers installing products like HD Deck Dual® , the flagship in the decking range with its dual sided colours, rave about its looks and quality.

“The great weather has also helped,” said managing director Dom Harrison.

“It’s very rare to have this combination of an environmental issue, which people feel strongly about, coming together at the time of year when they’re also outside thinking about gardens and landscaping.”

Both men have a long history in the timber and plastics sectors with Charles a third generation timber merchant and Dom’s family (fifth generation) among the founders of Polypipe Plc almost 40 years ago.

“We saw a natural fit and identified the need for a product which ticked all the boxes,” added Dom. “Now it seems that the trade is picking up on this as well by listening to their customers’ concerns.”

The growth in sales nationwide has also spurred expansion at the company’s head office in Ilkley, where Rudy Micallef has recently joined the business as commercial director.

“The products are exceptional and I was thrilled to be invited to join a winning team,” said Rudy.

“I’ve enjoyed a long career in the sector, but there’s never been anything quite like this that ticks all the boxes in terms of both sustainability and suitability for a whole variety of locations.”