ILKLEY looks likely to remain the only town in the Bradford district which does not have on-street CCTV.

Bradford Council's decision-making executive committee is being recommended to reject a petition calling for the installation of the crime prevention and detection tool.

A report which assesses the financial implications of providing CCTV camera coverage in Ilkley town centre is asking councillors to pass a resolution that states: "That whilst all crime is cause for concern, Executive regretfully cannot allocate any additional funding to the operation of the CCTV system to provide coverage for Ilkley town centre."

It adds: "...the council will continue to work with partner agencies to take action wherever possible to address the situation in relation to criminal activity in Ilkley within the scope of its available budgets and will work with partners to investigate whether existing private CCTV cameras can be better utilised to support the police in combating crime."

The report compares crime statistics in Ilkley and Shipley which show that on average Ilkley has 71 crimes per month compared to 275 in Shipley, which does have CCTV cameras monitored by Bradford Council's CCTV control room.

The estimated capital cost of providing ten high-definition CCTV camera in Ilkley is £100,000 and the report states there would be increased revenue implications to cover running and maintenance costs.

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Ind, Ilkley) who backed the petition said: "I never did believe that Bradford Council would pick up the tabs for a full CCTV package for the town. I did however, particularly with the night time economy change, expect them to come part way to help us.

"I did expect they would agree to the use of the control room. It would not have been a big cost."

She added: "The report is sadly silent on current events in the town as to disorder."

Ilkley's Early Intervention and Prevention officer PC Sam Hollings who visited City Hall in March to hand in the petition said: "I was disappointed that Bradford Council representatives completed this document with the level of police consultation they did, and without apparent reference or source material.

"To draw any conclusions from it would be a grave disservice to the people of Ilkley. I don’t think it is reflective of where we are at the moment in terms of crime and antisocial behaviour. It does not address the scale of some of the incidents West Yorkshire Police have reacted to in the town over the summer so far.

"I understand the council's position entirely if there is no money available. But that being the case I would expect an assessed scalable project with perhaps small, medium and large options. Some assessment of what funding is or may be available might also be valuable.

"It appears to have been drafted on the basis that a ten camera £100,000 system is unfeasible. I would agree, but something on that scale is not desirable or practical.

"I am also unsure where that figure has come from as it seems far in excess of previous estimates from the council CCTV manager Phil Holmes.

"What I do know is that the police consultation for this document was a short telephone conversation with me shortly before the author’s submission deadline. I understand the rest was completed with some internet searching between meetings.

"A small, well researched and located system at a few key sites could work wonders. Especially if we could include public WiFi access points at the camera and repeater sites and the benefits to tourism and trade that might bring.

"A permanent system would also assist and attract the big events like the Tour De Yorkshire, who had to install their own temporary system which the town is now without.

"If the executive make a decision based on this report then it would be a deeply flawed one."

Sgt Helen Chapman, Ilkley Ward Sergeant added: "Police will utilise any available CCTV sources where available when investigating crimes. CCTV is independent and paints a picture of incidents which is very difficult to contest. Without it often cases are not taken to court due to no independent witnesses.

"As a police professional I would like to see the cameras being funded to support us with crime investigations and prevention."

Sgt Chapman added the temporary cameras installed for the Tour de Yorkshire are being used as a line of enquiry in a serious assault on Brook Street being investigated by Bradford detectives.

Ilkley MP John Grogan said: "I think there is a strong case for CCTV in Ilkley particularly given recent incidences of anti social behaviour. I am hoping that this is one issue which could be progressed by the planned new Ilkley Business Improvement District. I have had discussions with Bradford Council about the need to provide some seedcorn funding to get this organisation up and running and received a positive response."

Bradford Council executive committee meets at 10.30am on Tuesday, June 12 in City Hall.