CHILDREN at Moorfield School in Ilkley are celebrating moving on to their first choice of secondary school.

Many children were also awarded scholarships for academic achievement, sport and singing showing that the school discovers and develops a wide range of talents in their pupils. The Year 6 class will be going on to the following schools in September: Ermysteds, Skipton Girls’ High, Bradford Grammar School, HLC, Gateways, Giggleswick and St Joseph’s College (Jersey). Three children have chosen to go to Ilkley Grammar School. Three children achieved scholarships. Megan won a Charter Award at Bradford Grammar School, Sofia won an academic and sports scholarship at HLC and Grace won a choral scholarship.

Moorfield’s head teacher Mrs Jessica Crossley, is proud of the top class in the school. She said: “They are an exceptional group of children providing an inspirational example to our younger pupils. It is no wonder that senior school heads are keen for our children to choose their schools. Their impressive performance in the entrance exams is just a small part of what they achieve in their final year at Moorfield.”

To celebrate the end of their exams, Mrs Crossley hosted a candlelit dinner provided and served by the teachers. She added: “Because we don’t have SATS looming over us, we can broaden the curriculum and offer our children as many experiences in their final 6 months as possible."