COUNCILLORS are calling for action to prevent flooding which they say is caused by a new housing development off Meagill Rise in Otley.

Otley and Yeadon councillors Colin Campbell, Ryk Downes and Sandy Lay are calling for Leeds City Council to take legal action.

“We were always concerned about this development, and there have now been a number of issues which have caused unnecessary problems for residents,” Cllr Campbell said. “We believe they should be compensated for the inconvenience.”

Cllr Downes added: “People who live in the area knew there would be some disruption when building work on the new development started. However they were unprepared for the regular flooding of their houses and gardens because an appropriate drainage scheme has not been put in place.

Clr Lay said: “We are demanding the contractor takes action and have asked if the Council can take legal action to force the developer to protect residents.”