A GUISELEY woman says she is getting ready to shake up the digital industry with the launch of the world’s only company specialising in digital branding services

Kayla Herbert is the founder and managing director of Branswer - a “Brander” software tool intended to help SMEs and charities think about their brand and build mission statements, press releases and competitor analysis.

Kayla, who is originally from Canada, is Digital Ambassador for the Yorkshire Board of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

She said: “I got my start in marketing while working for a small charity in Canada. I was inspired by what I learned there and since then I’ve gone on to work with a range of UK businesses including SMEs and charities.”

“I’d like to give back to this great community by offering something unique: an accessible and easy way for organisations to understand their brand and marketing. With our software, we’re hoping to bring an awareness of how powerful branding can be.”

Brander can be pre-ordered from the company’s Kickstarter page.