POLICE are urging people to lock their doors after a number of burglaries in Yeadon.

Latest statistics show five burglaries at homes in Yeadon and two at businesses over a ten day period.

In one case thieves climbed up a drain pipe and got into a property on Weavers Beck through an open upstairs window. They escaped with a car as well as a watch, jewellery, and a Satnav. The car has since been found.

In an incident on Parkland View thieves smashed a window to break in and stole a laptop, iPad, rings and keys.

In an attempted burglary on Henshaw Oval suspects smashed a window after distracting the occupant by ringing the doorbell. No property was taken.

In Rufford Avenue thieves snapped a shed lock and stole a push bike. Two garages on Banksfield Mount had their locks tampered with, but no property was taken.

Burglars also struck at two businesses on Warren House Lane. One business had high value tools taken after the lock was damaged. In the second incident thieves smashed a window and damaged property inside the building before escaping with their haul.

In Rawdon a box of tools was stolen from a shed on London Lane but the stolen goods have since been recovered.

In a post on Facebook a spokesman for West Yorkshire Police says: "Please remember, if a crime needs to be reported, please do this via 999 or 101. We also have useful links on the West Yorkshire Police website. Please do not report crimes via social media."

The spokesman adds: "Some crimes can be easily prevented by the simplest of things such as locking your doors on your vehicle and your home. Please remember to do this in order to make it harder for people to enter and take your belongings. Understandably, this cannot always prevent burglaries and vehicle break-ins, but it’s a simple start."