BOUQUETS of flowers will be left in and around Menston for people to help themselves to for Valentine’s Day.

The blooms will be left in public places with notes inviting passers-by to give them to someone special or to take them home to enjoy themselves.

The free giveaway is part of a year long initiative launched by Guiseley's Full Circle Funerals to mark 18 months in business.

The company's owner, Sarah Jones, a former doctor, said: "After 18 months as funeral directors, as a team very new to this industry, we’ve realised that our mindsets and general outlooks on life have started to change as we have become much more appreciative of the smaller pleasures in life."

"Rather than focussing on what has already happened or putting all our energy into planning for the future we have all got much better at living for now and appreciating the moment. We have started to understand the value of this and so want to share this message. For us a big part of it is about spending time with the people who are important to us, and taking time to be kind and mindful -this is exactly what our 'Enjoy the Moment' is centred around."

The ongoing initiative, which will involve collaboration with other businesses, will also see the company sponsor local fundraising events, support local community groups and charities and highlight people who are going the extra mile for others.

Sarah said: "We’re really excited to launch this activity to encourage people to enjoy the simple everyday pleasures in life. There is often something positive to be found in every moment, and with such busy lives we are at risk of missing it."

Full Circle's first collaboration is with Menston based The Happy Place Gift Company, which is supplying free cards for people to send to friends on Wednesday, February 7.