AIREDALE Hospital maternity care gives a positive experience, according to new mothers.

A national survey by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) showed Airedale to be amongst the best-performing trusts in all three aspects of maternity care.

The Steeton hospital scored highly in elements of antenatal care, labour and birth, and postnatal treatment.

The results of the survey were published as Airedale announced its first-ever Maternity Open Day, on Saturday, February 17.

Anyone planning to have a baby or is pregnant can go along to the education centre at Airedale Hospital between 10am and 4pm.

There will be information stalls, tours of the maternity facilities, and the chance to chat with midwives.

The CQC survey covered 18,000 people in England, and women were asked questions about all aspects of their maternity care, from the first time they saw a clinician or midwife, during labour and birth, through to the care provided at home in the weeks following the arrival of their baby.

In antenatal care midwives at Airedale were rated as amongst the best for providing information about feeding a baby.

There were high scores for having a contact number for a midwife, for being listened to, and being spoken to in a way mothers could understand.

During labour and birth Airedale was rated as amongst the best for being given appropriate advice and support when women contacted a midwife or the hospital, the length of stay being adequate, and being treated with kindness and understanding.

Following birth, women rated Airedale amongst the best for giving consistent advice about feeding their baby and scored highly on providing a contact number for women to contact a midwife at home after the birth.

Mary Armitage, Head of Midwifery at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are really pleased with these excellent results and the lovely comments that have been made about our service.

“The whole maternity team strive to ensure that every woman has the best birth experience that is possible and it is particularly gratifying that our results indicate that this is being achieved in most cases. There are still areas where we can do better and these will be focused on over the next year.”

One Airedale patient commented on the survey that the care she received the pregnancy and after birth was excellent.

She added: “The staff in Airedale Hospital were brilliant and supportive! I feel very lucky to have such a great health service. I know people who have paid for private that haven’t had such a good experience as I have had.”