APPRENTICE finalist Joanna Jarjue shared her top business tips with students at Leeds Trinity University.

Speaking at a Student and Employer Networking Event, Joanna, 24 – who was the youngest candidate on last year’s BBC’s The Apprentice – urged young graduates not to let age and other people’s perceptions prevent them from taking opportunities.

She said: "Don’t think there’s something you can’t do because you’re young. In the Apprentice house I was very much the underdog. I found it difficult because of my age and status, and any suggestions I made were battered down by the other candidates. But at the end of the programme, I had the best record, winning eight out of ten tasks, and winning twice as project manager. There is a lot that you can do."

Joanna graduated in 2015 from University of Newcastle with a degree in Politics, before joining Google as an agency development manager.

She said: "There isn’t a clear route from graduating to the boardroom. It takes hard work, resilience, and putting yourself out there and making connections.

"It’s fantastic that Leeds Trinity University provide placements and events like these to guide and support students in their careers. The guidance is really useful, you don’t always get that at an institution."

She added: "Don’t stop learning just because you have finished a formal qualification. Carry on looking for information, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments, so that you’re always ahead of the game. That will help you in terms of competition in the workplace. Take opportunities, show that you want to work hard and believe in yourself."

Cassie Good, Graduate Employment Manager at the university said: "At Leeds Trinity University, we want our students to complete their course with the skills and knowledge to progress into graduate-level jobs, feel confident in their abilities and to have an address book full of industry contacts."

She added: "It was great that Joanna could be here to inspire our students and share her experiences."