AN OTLEY woman has had her fundraising head-shave streamed online.

Zoë Gibson had her long locks cut off on Saturday, December 16 so they could be donated to the Little Princess Trust, which makes real hair wigs for children.

The event has also raised £1,145 - £1,341 with Gift Aid - for Yorkshire-based children's cancer charity candlelighters.

The 25 year old was watched by family, friends, and some Facebook viewers as she underwent 'the chop'.

She said: "Shaving my hair was actually really good fun.

"To start with my hair was cut as close to my head as possible to make sure we got as much of the length as we could, so the Little Princess Trust can use it to make wigs.

"Everyone took turns to either cut or shave my hair - it turned into a bit of a party with my brothers, mum and her friend getting involved. They even brought nibbles!

"We streamed it live on Facebook too and I ended up having an audience of 20 of my friends and family watching me cut off all of my hair.

"Just beforehand I had checked my fundraising total and to see that I’d raised more than £1,100 was incredible, with still more to come.

"People have been very generous and really supportive of me doing this."

Zoe, who works for Otley print management firm JPS Limited, also admits to suffering from some last-minute jitters.

She said: "A week before the head shave I got a little nervous, but more because the weather had changed and I worried my head would be cold.

"I’ve invested in lots of hats, though, and I actually love my short hair.

"I’m posting my hair off now to go to The Little Princess Trust - it’s in a padded envelope on my desk at work at the moment, which I suppose is a little strange.

“I’m really pleased I did this and I’m looking forward to giving Candlelighters and the Little Princess Trust the money I’ve raised to help the families they support.”

Donations can still be made at .