HALLOWE’EN doesn’t end yet for three local boys and a girl, as they’ll be creeped out right through to 2018, whilst they feature in the new CBBC series ‘Creeped Out’!

Daniel Ogbeide John, Gianluca Gallucci and Malen Clarkson, all successfully auditioned for leading roles in the new CBBC series, through their drama school, Articulate Speech, Drama & Casting (Articulate SDC), based in Ilkley. Tillie Amartey, of Articulate, will also feature in one of these spooky episodes.

Creeped Out is a series of spellbinding, enchanting and intriguing tales, with each story set in a different place and time. This new drama is an anthology of spooky tales and will be shown in both the UK and also in Canada.

Daniel Ogbeide John, 16, said: "Filming for Creeped Out was an amazing experience and I have to thank the cast and crew for being so kind and friendly, and making it a fantastic job to work on."

Gianluca Gallucci, 13, who attends Articulate's Saturday morning drama classes, said: “The whole process of filming was wonderful, and as it was my first big job, the director really made me feel at ease. The actors I met, have now become really good friends." He added: "I'm really looking forward to seeing the special effects."

Established kids TV presenter and actress Tillie Amartey, who attends St Mary’s School in Menston, and drama classes at Articulate, said: "I had a fabulous time on set working on the creepy tale “Bravery Badge” playing the part of Arlene.

Stacey Dyson (Burrows), Principal at Articulate in Ilkley said: "The boys have attended drama sessions for a number of years with Articulate and have all had other professional work through Articulate’s in-house agency. Since filming both Daniel and Gianluca have concluded filming for a large film set in Sheffield, and are currently auditioning for various new shows. It's great to see actors like Daniel and Gainluca, come in as inexperienced actors, work hard every week, tuning their skills, and get the rewards that they very much deserve. Myself, Dave, Kirsty and the entire team at Articulate are all very proud of these exceptionally talented students."

To find out more about Articulate’s drama school and casting agency, you can call the office on 01274 592828, or email us at info@articulatesdc.com.