A PROVIDER of alternative payment solutions has re-branded and launched a new website to enhance its offering.

OnePay, based in Wells Road, Ilkley, launched its new website, http://forbusiness.onepay.co.uk/ in early October to showcase its new branding and better communicate with businesses.

Founded in 2007, the firm, which enables efficient payment to those without access to UK banking such as temporary or seasonal workers, employs 45 staff and has a national client base.

Lee Hartley, founder of OnePay, said: “The new business micro-site has come at a great time for our development and will help us work closer with our clients. Meanwhile, we’re also working on relaunching the new onepay.co.uk early next year to include features such as a business online portal for applications and an all new customer online portal. Both customers and businesses will also benefit from enhanced multilingual support and dedicated business account management.

“We want to make it clear to everyone how easy OnePay for business makes paying temporary and seasonal workers; it cuts out unnecessary admin for businesses and agencies while employees can rely on being paid efficiently.”

OnePay for business works with firms and recruitment agencies, enabling fast and direct payment to employees who are provided with a OnePay account to access and spend their earnings. The account offers the security of sort codes and individual account numbers for direct access, to those who don’t have a UK bank account.

“In the last three years alone our customer base has grown by over 300 per cent due to the demand of today’s working environments,” Lee added. “The OnePay account prepaid Visa card is issued by Raphaels bank and licensed by VISA, providing businesses and employees with payment peace of mind without the added hassle of cheques or cash payments.

“We also try to make it easier for all involved by operating the account just like a bank account which ensures ease of making payments for employers and swift access for staff. The OnePay card can then be used in the same way as a bank debit card."

OnePay works closely with the Association of Labour Providers (ALP), to manage and protect workers.

For further information and to explore OnePay’s new website visit http://forbusiness.onepay.co.uk/