ILKLEY'S MP John Grogan attended a site visit on Friday to Victoria Avenue in Ilkley, to meet with residents who are angry at the installation of a controversial fence.

The visit, which was also attended by Bradford Council planning officers, follows work carried out by without the correct planning permission in place by Mr John Ogden, owner of 17 Victoria Avenue.

The work saw the removal of trees to the side of his property which had previously been used as a woodland area by residents, and the installation of a new fence.

Neighbours say the land has been 'arbitrarily appropriated' and a petition has been signed by residents objecting to the work. Bradford Council has served a formal notice to Mr Ogden asking him to remove the fence or apply for a change of use of the land, which is classed as an unadopted highway.

Following the site visit Mr Grogan said: "I was pleased to learn from a Bradford Council officer present at the site visit that an order had been served for the fence to be removed. The deadline for response is the first week in November. If there is no response by then I would strongly urge the Council to take all necessary enforcement action. It is important to uphold the principle that no matter how rich or powerful an individual is we are all equal before the law."