A MENSTON-BASED estate agency teamed up with a 'decluttering' expert to help a local resident move home.

Ribston Pippin joined forces with Kate Ibbotson, from A Tidy Mind, to ensure Sharon Howell's experience was as smooth as possible.

Sixty five year old Sharon, from Menston, wanted to sell her house and 'downsize' - and had her eye on a ground floor flat Ribston Pippin were selling.

She was concerned, however, by the amount of possessions she had accumulated over the years - so decided to see what A Tidy Mind could do.

Kate said: "Decluttering and simplifying was essential in order for Sharon to downsize, make the move less stressful and to simplify her home and head.

"She was certain that she wanted to move with only what she needed, but wanted to make sure she went through everything in order to make decisions.

"Our first job was focusing on surfaces and 'clutter hotspots' such as the hallway and bedside tables.

"The next focus was those areas where there is the most storage such as the loft and garage.

"I helped Sharon consider each of her possessions in turn and asked her questions such as ‘when was the last time you used this? Do you own something else which can do a similar job?'

"Based on her decisions we made a ‘keep’ and an ‘action’ pile, and sorted recycling, charity donations, rubbish and items to sell into different coloured bags."

Kate also took some items to charity shops or local tips - and came up with a novel and helpful way of reusing Sharon's wedding dress.

She said: "I arranged for her wedding dress to be made into gowns for stillborn babies, by the company Heavenly Gowns, and also put some train and plate collectibles on eBay for her."

Sharon, who is now in her new home, said: "I would just like to thank Ribston Pippin and Kate for making my transition so easy.

"This move was something I was dreading as there was so much to deal with, but they have made it so seamless - and I love that some of my old items now have a new lease of life, especially my wedding dress."