FOLLOWING Ilkley Grammar School’s Outstanding Ofsted inspection earlier this year, students and staff at IGS are celebrating once again today following the school’s best ever A Level results, with a fantastic overall pass rate of 100 per cent.

An exceptional 16 per cent of all grades achieved were at A*, which is double the national rate of eight per cent, with all other attainment measures also being the highest in the school’s history and some way above national measures. These include 44 per cent of all grades achieved being at A*-A (18 per cent above national), 77 per cent at A*-B (24 per cent above national) and 91 per cent at A*-C (14 per cent above national).

Helen Williams, Headteacher said: “These results are absolutely phenomenal, with so many of our students excelling themselves to achieve their very best. It’s been an absolute privilege to be at school this morning seeing so many happy faces of students, staff and parents alike and we are all very proud of IGS’s class of 2017! This is of course the result of immense hard work and effort from both students and staff over the past two years, and we wish all of our students the very best for their future lives and careers, including the many who now move on to university away from home.

"Well done to everyone!"

There were once again outstanding performances from a range of students, including Laura King who achieved four A*s and an A, Milly Horn who achieved four A*s, Bethany Campbell who achieved three A*s plus an A and Rebecca Hall, Rebecca Newell, Emma Rabbage, Nathan Spiller and Ethan Thompson who all achieved three A*s.

These record results have also meant another bumper year for students going to university and securing other successful next steps such as art college and gap years, with five students once again holding Oxbridge offers and a total of 92 per cent of university applicants successfully being offered places so far today, including an impressive 76 per cent (103 students) at first choice universities.

Ilkley Grammar School A level results

L Alcock bu, ec, it; H Archer Davies ad, bi, py; C Armitage pg, el*, py*;  exp**; T Atkinson bu, ms, py; E Atraszkiewicz ch*, fr*, ma*; K Bacon el**, hi, ma; K Bailey bi, gy, py, exp; M Baldwin dr*, el*, hi**; R Barker bi, gy, gp; A Barnes ec, gy, so; A Baynes en, py, so, exp; J Beattie ec*, ma*, ph; J Bedford ad, el, so; M Bibby py, rs, so; R Blackburne ch, ma, sp*, exp*; S Bolton bi, hi, py*; M Booton el*, hi**, gp*; I Bowles bi*, ch, ma; C Boyle ma*, fm, ph; R Bradbury en*, gy, py; B Brady el, hi, so; E Brown bi, ch, gy*, exp; M Brown bi*, py, sp; I Bullough bu, py, so; J Butcher bu**, ec, gt, py; B Campbell ma*, py**, rs**, exp**; J Cant ch**, ma**, ph*; A Clarkson el*, ma, py*, exp; J Cody bu*, py**, rs**; A Coles bi**, ch*, ma**; R Cowell bi*, ch, ma*; S Crocombe ma, ph, gp; T Cross bu, gy, fm; B Crowther bi**, ch*, ma; M Davis it, ms, so*; L Dicken-Jones bu*, comp, ec, exp**; L Donohue ec*, el*, gp*, exp*; N Egars bi*, en*, py*; J Elgood bi**, ch*, py*; M Ellis bu*, ec, it; M Fern el*, hi*, ma*, exp*; T Fieldhouse bu, en, py; R Fisher bi, ch, hi; J Flanagan ma**, fm**, ph*; J Fletcher ec, en*, pe; I Forbes bi, ch, gy*; F Forbes ch**, ma**, ph**; S Ford bu, ec, ma; J Fortey bi**, ch**, ma*; S Frielick dr*, en*, gy; N Galvin dr, en*, ms*; E Glover bi**, gy**, ma*; A Graham bu, gy, ph; D Greenwood pg, bi*, ch; S Hadfield ec, hi, rs; L Haines bi*, gy*, sp; R Hale ec, py, pe*; R Hall ch**, ma**, fm**; A Hardaker ec, el, hi; A Harris ch**, ma*, ph**; S Harrison el, py, rs; T Hepworth ma, mu, sp*; J Hesmondhalgh el**, ma*, gp, exp*; A Hey pg, bu, ms; E Hilton en, so, sp*, exp; J Hodson bi**, py*, rs*, exp**; R Holmes ad, pd*, so; O Hopkinson-Cook bi, ec*, ma*; A Horn el**, hi**, sp**, exp**; H Jackson bi, en, py; L Jacques bi**;  ma*, py*; A Johnson ma**, fm, ph; O Jones ad*, py, so; Z Judkowski bi*, gy*, py*; E King bi, gy*, py; L King bi**, ch**, ma*, ph**, exp**; E Knight ec, el, py; A Kyriakides bu, gy, it; W Laing bu, el, ms; N Lawton py, rs, so; M Lenehan ch, gy, so*, exp**; G Levesley pd**, gy, ph, exp*; W Lovell ma**, gp*, rs*; B Lulham-Robinson ch**, ma*, ph**; S Lury bi**;  hi*, ma; J Mawson bu, ec, ma; A McConkey ma**, mu*, ph*, exp*; C McIntyre bu*, gy, pe; M McKinnon-Evans el, hi*, gp, exp*; E Merrett ad, ch, ph; E Moorehouse ad, el, py*; A Moores bi, ch, ma*; R Murawski bi, bu, ch, pol; I Murdock bi, ch*, ma; R Newell ec**, el**, fr**; T Newton bu, ma, py; R Nixon el, py, so; E Norris en, py, so; D O'Looney bi, ch, ma; L O'Neill bu*, ec*, gy*; R Osborne bu*, ec*, gy; T Parker ec*, gy, gp; D Pelkowski bi, bu, py; J Pickering ad, gy, rs; S Pickering bi, gy, rs; J Pressley bi, gy, ph; E Rabbage bi**, ma**, py**; Z Rafael pg, gp*, so*; A Rayland bi*, gy, py**; D Revis ec, it, ma; F Robertson bi, bu**, ec*; L Robinson bi**, gy*, ma**; L Rose-Fall bu, gy, ms; W Rowe bi*, ch*, ma*, exp**; D Ruddock el*, gp*, rs; E Rudge dr, en*, py; R Scaife gy*, ms, py; W Schofield en, gy, pe; A Scott en*, gy*, ph; T Scott bu**, en*, gy*, exp**; I Seshan bu, gy, py; E Silson gy, py, so; A Simpson comp, ma, ph, exp; J Smith pd, ma*, ph; E South bi*, ch, py*, exp*; A Southby el**, hi*, ma*; N Spiller ma**, fm**, ph**; H Still bi, ch, hi, exp**; I Stretton ec**, gy, hi*; C Swinford dr, py, so; M Sykes bu, gy, py; J Tales bu, ec, it; M Tales gy, hi, pe; B Taylor bi*, gy*, py*; B Thomas bi, gy, hi; E Thompson ch**, ma**, fm**; C Tong en, gy, py; C Upham dr, el*, ms*; F Vaughan bi*, ec*, py*; C Verfuerth bu, comp, ms; A Walley hi, gp*, rs; R Watson ms, gp, so; T Weir bu, py, so; N Whitham pg, en, so; B Wood bi, bu, ma*; E Woodhead bi*, gy, gp; C Woods el**, hi*, ma*, exp**; S Yorke ch*, el*, ma*, exp**; E Young py, rs, so;