THE Year 6 class at Ben Rhydding Primary School have created a fabulous mosaic with the help of Frances Taylor of Mosaic Mania of Otley.

The class designed the mosaic, raised money for it through their own enterprise stalls at the summer fair and a PTA donation and then created it in a series of workshops, held by Frances in the school.

“It was so relaxing to do!” said Year 6 pupil Olivia Walsh. “Yeah, the glass tiles were easy to cut using tile cutters and made a satisfying ‘clip’ sound when they broke the tile!” added Emma Docherty. Josh Beevers exclaimed how delighted he was with the finished article. “It is amazing to think we made this to leave as our legacy to the school" he said. "The pictures are so beautiful the way they are carefully crafted with tiny coloured glass tiles.”

The mosaic isn’t the only thing the class have to be pleased about - their SATS results were top notch too! The class achieved the second highest combined score of Reading, Writing and maths pass marks in the ‘Two Valley’s School Collaborative’ with 88 per cent of the class achieving a pass or higher in each of the subjects.