LABOUR and the Green Party have announced their Leeds North West candidates for the General Election.

Dr Martin Hemingway will be standing for the Greens on June 8, while Alex Sobel has returned as Labour's candidate*.

Mr Sobel, a Leeds City Councillor, fought for the seat in the 2015 election when he reduced sitting Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland's majority to 2,907, taking 13,041 votes.

The Green Party's 2015 candidate, Tim Goodall, meanwhile came fourth with 3,042 votes.

Mr Sobel, who works with Social Enterprises and Co-operatives, said: "As a city councillor in North Leeds I know we are fighting the harshest cuts and worst economic conditions for a generation.

"I hear daily about the concerns of people in North West Leeds, and am already representing the interests of individuals and communities locally.

"We have a clear choice on June 8 between another five years of a Conservative government who are cutting or privatising our NHS, schools, social care, the police and other public services, or a Labour Government committed to decent public services and delivering a better quality of life for people.”

Otley Labour campaigner John Eveleigh added: "'We’re delighted Alex is the Labour candidate for Leeds North West.

"We know what a hard worker he is, and his level of commitment to this area."Dr Hemingway meanwhile, who has been active in the Green Party for 14 years, said Brexit would be an important, but not all-consuming, part of his campaign.

He said: "Having played an active part in the Remain campaign, including at several public meetings, I am concerned that we should be working to lessen the impact and hold a second referendum before any deal is agreed.

"It is disappointing that our Liberal Democrat MP did not attend for the critical vote on leaving, but this is only one of many disappointments we have had from Mr Mulholland.

"It is also important that we recognise this is not just a vote about leaving the EU.

"We need a government that will protect the NHS, build social housing, shift our energy policy towards renewables, take the impact of climate change seriously and abandon the nuclear defence white elephant.

"We also need one that will promote policies which create jobs, protect workers from the abuses of the modern employment market, and ensure taxes are raised from the companies and the wealthy who abuse the rules and avoid making their contribution.

"The best way to achieve this is through a strong Green voice in government."

*The Conservatives have yet to announce their candidate.