A LOCAL campaign group 38 Degrees Airedale took to the streets of Ilkley last Saturday to highlight their concerns about the current state of the NHS.

Their particular focus is the internal market in the NHS which they say, if abolished, it is estimated would save between £5-£10 billion annually.

They also highlighted the discretionary powers of local Clinical Commissioning Groups, the bodies responsible for ensuring provision of health services, which from April l, can choose not to commission services, which 38 Degrees Airedale says potentially threatens the universal nature of the NHS.

Spokesman for the group Richard Tassell said: "We have had a very good response today and are planning further half days in Ilkley and Keighley. We are highlighting these issues as a parliamentary bill with cross party support -The NHS Reinstatement Bill, is due to get it's second reading in the House of Commons on March 11. The aim of the bill is to do away with the internal market in health in England."