ON SUNDAY Ilkley woke up to St Valentine's day and 100 people found they had been 'lovebombed' by the presence of a Fairtrade white rose.

They were to be found all over the centre of Ilkley, in doorways, on cars, on benches and on ticket machines. Attached was a message of love - "I am for you, please take me and enjoy me!"

On the back was a message from the cross-church praying community in Ilkley that everyone is loved by God and this was the Sanctuary' s way of telling all Ilkley about it.

Earlier 100 businesses - including the Gazette, schools and institutions received private cards with the same message.

Shops and offices displayed the You are Loved cards so that staff and clients and customers could enjoy the message.

In their blog the Sanctuary said: "Receiving quite a lot of thank you tweets from card recipients too… including some where people were clearly very touched. One person even said it had made their day and they had shown it to all their customers and being amazed at the level of interaction from people on social media (including our highest ever retweet number) around the rose giveaway, with people from all sorts of different backgrounds being touched by the idea."

Take a look at the Sanctuary window on 6, Church Street, Ilkley.