ADDINGHAM Gala once again dodged the rain for a sunny, colourful and creative parade to lead the crowds down Main Street on Saturday..

Headed by the Squadron 1224 Wharfedale Air Training Cadets and followed by the Gala Queen attendants, flower girls and knights, a 1925 Rolls Royce carried the 2015 Gala Queen Briony Moffat and Maid of Honour Ellie Wilson to the crowning ceremony on the field where Emily Mayo - the retiring Gala Queen did the honours.

Winning parade groups were Addingham Pre-School Play group – dressed as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters – with lots of small, orange Oompa Loompas with bright green hair. Addingham Drama Group dressed as Eggs Benedict (Cumberbatch) to carry off the adult prize.

There were new attractions on the field for this year - a traditional 1930s Fairground organ and an impressive obstacle course built by Addingham Scout Group who are fundraising for a special trip in 2016.

Many cream teas were enjoyed, stalls visited, and local organisations were able to raise funds in the marquee and on the field and an impromptu Tug Of War contest saw villagers battle it out in the centre of the arena.

The Gala Fell Race had a record field of 99 runners.

The organising group wishes to thank all the helpers on the day and in the run-up and all the generous sponsors who support the gala, providing, income, services and resources that allow us to use much of the takings on the gate for a the small grants programme each autumn.

Application forms for local not-for- profit organisations will be available from mid-September (from the Post office or

Competition results:

Best Business Frontage - 1 Addingham Sandwich Shop, 2 Cameo, 3 Adams Hardware and Gifts; Parade - 1 Addingham Pre-School Playgroup for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2 Addingham 1st Brownies for Cupcakes, 3 Addingham Drama Group for Eggs Benedict; Fancy Dress under 9s - 1 Billy Colquhoun as an Oompa Loompa, 2nd Rosa Crulla as a Cherry, 3rd Izzy Haydock as Masterchef; Fancy Dress 10s and over - 1 - Susan Ross as Liquorice Allsorts; Dog show, Large breed - 1Abi Parker for Monty, Pointer, 2nd Scarlett and Sienna Griffin for Caspian, Boxer; Dog show, Small breed -1 Keith Lingard for Bertie, Cocker Spaniel, 2 Megan Ridley for Freddie, Chihuahua, 3rd Sharon Morris for Ruby, French Bulldog; Waggiest Tail 1 Hermione Roe for Georgie, Black Labrador; Best in Dog Show - Abi Parker for Monty, Pointer; Pet show owner 0-9 - 1Anya Keeble for Constance the Chicken, 2 Thomas Edwards for Peta the Rabbit, 3Annie Truluck for Jack Sparrow the Guinea Pig; Pet show: owner 10+ - 1st Freya Russell for Francoise the French Tortoise, 2 Callum Edwards for Flopsy the Rabbit, 3 Savannah Troughton Webb for Caramel the Cornsnake.

Handicraft Competitions

Best in Show, Freddie Hey – Lego Allotment, Highly Commended, Harry Calvert - Pizza, Grace Varney - Vegetable Creature, Sophie Knight – Flowers in a Mustard Tin; Food Decorated Paper Plate, 0-4 years, Natty Truss, Dougie Hartley; 5-8 years, 1 Abigail Jennings; Decorated Stone, Up to 4, 1 Albert Whitehead, 2 Heidi Emery, 3 Hector Calvert; 5-8 years 1 Beatrix Sharp, 2 Annie Truluck, 3 Sophie McMullen; 9-16 years 1Alice McMullen, 2 Evelyn Truluck; Limerick, 5-8 years,1st Harry Mayo, 2 Evelyn Truluck; Adult, 1 Rick Glover; Lego/Knex Model, Up to 4 years, 1 Hector Calvert, 2 Harry Calvert, 3 Martha Keeble; 5-8 years 1 Harry Mayo, 2 Abigail Jennings; 9-11 years 1 Freddy Hey, 2 Peter Moffat, 3 Sophie Knight; Chocolate Brownies, 9-16 years, 1 Freya Bryden, 2 Ellie Wilson, 3Alice Moffat; Novelty Buns, 9-16, 1 Briony Moffat; Yorkshire Puddings, age 5-8 1 Charlie Wilson; Adult 1 Alice Moffat; Pot Lemon Curd, 1 Alexandra Calvert; Flowers in a Utensil, Up to 8 years, 1Anya Keeble; 9-16 years, 1 Sophie Knight; Adult 1 Jessica Keeble, 2 Caroline Knight; Victoria Sandwich, Adult, 1 Alexandra Calvert, 2 Charlie Hey; Adult 1Alexandra Calvert,

2 Charlie Hey; Pot of Marmalade, 1 Ken Potter, 2 Ken Potter; Photograph, Up to 8 years, 1 Charlie Wilson; 9-16 years 1 Ellie Wilson, 2 Ella Glover; Adult 1 Caroline Knight, 2 P. Sparrow, 3 Richard Hunter-Rowe; Vegetable Animals, 5-8 years, 1 Grace Varney; Decorated Wooden Spoon, 9-16 years, 1 Evelyn and Annie Truluck; 4 Fruit Scones, 9-16 years, 1 Alice McMullen; Adult, 1 Helen Whitham, 2 Daniel Sharp; Handwriting, Aged 9-11, 1 Molly Littlejohn, 2 Evelyn Truluck, 3 Sophie Knight; Vegetable Print, 0-4 years, 1 Emily Townsend; 5-8 years, 1 Thomas Townsend.

Children's Races

Flat race, Pre-school/Reception - 1 Elliot Wintersgill, 2 Jacob Robinson, 3 Emily Townsend; Year 1/2 - 1 Alieu Taal, 2 Noah Thompson, 3 Joshua Rhodes; Year 3/4 - 1 Hannah Naylor, 2 Daniel Adams, 3 Kishan Oldham; Year 5/6 1 William Spencer, 2 Henry Marks, 3 Megan Thompson; Year 7+, 1 Abby Lane, 2 Emily Mayo; Egg and spoon race, Pre-school/Reception - 1 Heather Crolla/ Billy Colqhoun, 2 Florence Lunn/Lydia Richards, 3 Kacey Hathaway; Year 1/2, 1 Joshua Rhodes, 2 Annie Truluck, 3 Cara Hunter; Year 3/4, 1 Prada Brathwaite-Crossley, 2 Esme Robson, 3 Ebony Gonzalez; Year 5/6, 1 Sam Bentley, 2 James Mulligan, 3 Henry Marks; Three-legged race, Pre-school/Reception - 1 Billy Colqhoun/Albert Whitehead, 2 Heather Crolla/ Lydia Richards, 3 Joshua Rhodes/Freddie Hays; Year 1/2, 1 Eliza and Cassidy Lovell, 2 Cara Hunter/Annie Truluck; Year 3/4 - 1 Megan Greensmith/ Prada Brathwaite-Crossley, 2 Esme Robson/Evelyn Truluck, 3 Hannah Naylor/Elsa Hunter; Year 5/6 - 1 James Mulligan/James Varney, 2

Benji Howard/Molly Howard, 3 Megan Thomson/Tilly Harrison-Moore; Year 7+ - 1st Emily Mayo/Charlie Murray, Sophie Snowdon/Abby Lane;