YOUNGSTERS were given a right royal thank you when they wrote to welcome a new princess into the world.

Reception class pupils at Menston Primary School all received individual replies from the Palace after writing to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter Charlotte.

Every single child who wrote to the royal couple was rewarded with a photograph of Kate and William with their new baby and a thank you message on the reverse.

The replies to the excited four and five-year-olds, read: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were most touched that you took the trouble to write as you did on the birth of their daughter, Princess Charlotte. Their Royal Highnesses are extremely grateful for the wonderful messages they have received and send you their warmest thanks and best wishes.

"HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge 2 May, 2015."

A letter to class teacher Catherine Lain from official Claudia Spens said: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to thank you and Oak Class for the wonderful letters and drawings which you all so kindly sent on the occasion of the birth of their daughter, Princess Charlotte.

"Their Royal Highnesses have been overwhelmed by all the incredibly thoughtful messages they have received and were immensely touched that you and Oak Class should take the trouble to write as you did.

Miss Lain said: "I am always looking for reasons to encourage my Reception class to write for a particular purpose. A lot of Oak Class love to role play with babies and tell stories about castles and princesses. Some of them have been to London so understand about the royal family and we were eagerly awaiting the birth. I didn't think for a moment that each child would get their very own response. "Receiving a parcel with a Buckingham Palace postmark caused great excitement and the children will treasure their cards for a long time. I am so proud of how hard my class has worked this year on their writing and they should be proud of what they have achieved too."

Among the letters sent to the royal couple was one which read: "Dear Princess Kate and Prince William, Congratulations on your new beautiful baby girl. Princess Charlotte is a beautiful name and I really think she is cute. Love Lily."

Another read: "Dear Royal Highnesses, Congratulations on the arrival of Princess Charlotte. I hope she is really good for you. Love Alesha."

Teaching assistant Katie Doran, said the idea of writing to the royal couple had grabbed the attention of the class of 23 youngsters. She said the parcel from the Palace and individual replies to the youngsters had come as a complete surprise.

"It was just a shock to open it up and see all the envelopes for the children," she said. "I certainly hadn't expected them to write to every single child. That was incredible and really thoughtful."