A POLITICAL party which wants more powers for Yorkshire has chosen a candidate to fight Leeds North West in May’s General Election Physics teacher Dr Bob Buxton, of Rawdon, will be one of several Yorkshire First candidates standing across the county in the General and local elections. He will be contesting the seat currently held by Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland.

Dr Buxton, who teaches at Leeds City College, is opposed to tuition fees and stressed the need for more school places. He also opposes the rise of anti-immigration policies, and argues that immigration benefits the economy.

He said: “I joined Yorkshire First just four months ago, now I’m standing in the General Election. The party is not run by career politicians – we want people with experience of doing real jobs and experience of managing household budgets.”

He also sees transport as a major priority.

“Instead of HS2, I’d spend the billions on upgrading the ancient diesels, used on the Horsforth, Headingley and Burley Park line, and reversing some of the Beeching cuts to have more lines and stations in Leeds, such as Otley, Pool and Arthington,” he said.

He stressed: “Decisions on local priorities need to be made in Yorkshire – not Westminster – by a regional parliament with the powers to solve all the related planning, parking and re-routing problems.”

Founded in April last year, Yorkshire First wants a stronger voice for the county with similar powers to Scotland, not independence. The party’s manifesto will be launched this month.