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A message from the Editor

Times are challenging for the local newspaper industry.

The Coronavirus outbreak has hit us hard due to declining advertising revenue and a reduction in newspaper sales while our readers are in lockdown.

People are more reluctant to leave the house to go and pick up their local newspaper – and of course, we completely understand.

However, for us to continue to provide the best quality trusted local news and information – particularly during these times - we still need the funds to support our important journalism.

That's why we are now offering you home delivery, with your local newspaper delivered safely to your door, so we can continue to provide you with the best possible trusted local news.

It couldn't be easier to have your local newspaper delivered – just call 0800 953 0227 and our home delivery team will take your details securely over the phone. We'll arrange for the paper to be brought to your door free of any delivery charges for the next six weeks, over the peak of the pandemic, and you may have an elderly relative, neighbour or friend that this could be ideal for too.

Please help us by supporting local, trusted journalism with a home delivery local newspaper order. There's never been a more important time to do so.

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