Ilkley Cinema

Mrs Lowry & Son, Blinded By The Light, Yesterday, Aladdin

ADRIAN Noble captures the infinite difficulties of pursuing your passion as he paints a heartfelt portrait of one of our nations most beloved artists, L.S Lowry. Experience the intimate and amusing story of the brittle yet vital relationship between Lowry and his bedridden mother as she tries to dissuade him from continuing his artistry, the pair woefully separated by art and ambition. Engrossing and entertaining, Mrs Lowry & Son explores the sadness, loneliness and isolation of life as a wallflower and the drive of a true passion whilst remaining amusing as Vanessa Redgrave and Timothy Spall offer up a masterclass in the art of acting. An engaging and fascinating story into the tragically isolated life of the artist, Mrs Lowry & Son offers an insight into the lonely path of passion.

Based on the memoirs of Sarfraz Manzoor, Blinded By The Light is back for another week as it catapults audiences into 1987’s divide-ridden reign of Margaret Thatcher for the heartfelt story of self-discovery through music. One teenager learns how to live his life and build a bridge between himself and his family as he finds his voice through the legendary songs of Bruce Springsteen. Tackling the turmoil of racism, poverty and segregation, Blinded By The Light remains buoyant and uplifting as it tells the story of British Pakistani Teenager, Javed, as he navigates a world of division and discovers the music that makes him feel wholly understood. This is a sincere coming-of-age tale about the escape route often provided by art to those stuck in a suffocating world.

Returning for one week due to its incredible popularity, don’t miss the opportunity to see Danny Boyle’s musical creation, Yesterday. From the music of one of the world’s most unforgettable bands comes a film envisioning a reality where the impossible comes to light – a society that can’t remember The Beatles. With the creative combination of Trainspotting’s Danny Boyle and Love Actually’s Richard Curtis, this is a romantic comedy for the books, and being built on a foundation of The Beatles’ greatest hits, it was a guaranteed crowd pleaser and one for the playlists as well as the cinema screen. Great for all the family, combining classic hits from the 60’s with modern music moguls such as Ed Sheeran, a 6x winner at the 2018 music billboard awards, Yesterday is the feel-good highlight of 2019.

This week’s Kid’s Club sees the return of the most magical Disney live action movie of 2019, directed by Guy Richie and starring Will Smith as the wisecracking, wish making Genie. A kind hearted Arabian street urchin, Aladdin, and a power-hungry Grand Vizier, Jafar, vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make the deepest wishes come true. With a rip-roaring cast, vibrant set creations and a sprinkling of Disney magic, this remarkable remake is heading back to the big screen as we fly into a whole new world of Disney classics.

Melissa Johns-Watson