Restored for the first time from its original negative, Apocalypse Now: Final Cut is soaring back onto our screens in Coppola’s most realised version of the historic 1979 film surrounding the tragedy of the Vietnam War.

This cinematic landmark was nominated for eight Academy Awards, won three Golden Globes (Best Original Score,

Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor), two BAFTAs (Best Cinematography and Best Sound) and is one of AFI’s top 100 films.

Now it has been revived in epic 4K in a new cut which Coppola himself has claimed as his favourite version, coming it at around 30 minutes longer than the original.

The story is a visual masterpiece following the surreal journey of a US Army Intelligence officer sent deep into the jungle amid the Vietnam war to assassinate a rogue solider, driven mad by the horrors of their experience.

The new action-packed Fast and Furious spin-off is racing into cinemas this August as foes Hobbs and Shaw are forced together in the midst of the biggest threat to the planet yet.

The dynamic duo must swap the smack talk and body blows for trust and teamwork as they work to prevent the release of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever.

Featuring a star-studded cast including newcomers The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby and Luther’s Idris Elba, this explosive instalment is fast paced and comically self-aware, appealing to fans of a good action sequence as well as followers of the long running Fast and Furious franchise.

From the wildly popular CBBC TV series and children’s books comes Horrible Histories - a historical family feature packed with the best in British comedy talent.

The television show was popular for its witty use of humour to teach viewers about various historical periods and figures, and the new film is no different, this time focussing in on the ‘Rotten Romans’.

Atti, a smart and quick-witted Roman teenager, manages to upset Emperor Nero with one of his schemes.

For punishment, he is sent to work in a cold and dank Britain where he is met by the Celts and the famous warrior Boudica.

Historically educational and hilarious depicted, Rotten Romans is the perfect family film to satisfy the summer.

Only You is the astounding debut feature from writer-director Harry Wootliff who jolts the romance genre into new life with a beautiful observational realism that inspires and stirs the soul.

Elena (Laia Costa) and Jake (Josh O’Connor) meet by chance on New Year’s Eve, fighting for the same taxi.

But instead of going their separate ways, they kindle a passionate relationship which intoxicates every facet of their lives.

As the seasons pass, mundane life inevitably catches up with them as Wootliff explores what happens to the intensity of new love when it’s faced with the challenges of reality.

Only You offers a trip into a familiar genre from a different angle, avoiding the rose-tinted glasses so often worn in romance features, resulting in an emotionally engaging, captivating reflection on life as we experience it.