THE jet-black “comedy of terrors” The Death Of Stalin will be Ilkley Film Society’s next screening on Sunday December 2 (8pm at Ilkley Playhouse).

When Joseph Stalin collapses with a brain haemhorrage in Moscow in 1953, after 25 years of total control, the frantic power struggle which follows involves yes-man Malenkov, secret police chief Beria, and eventual successor Khruschev.

Director Armando Iannucci, co-creator of Alan Partridge, has a track record of political comedy, notably the TV series The Thick Of It, and has a glorious cast at his disposal with Simon Russell Beale as Beria, Steve Buscemi as Khruschev and Michael Palin, brilliantly cast against type, as Stalin’s loyal henchman Molotov. Despite this competition Jason Isaac’s Marshal Zhukov, played as a bluff Yorkshireman, steals the film.

The film makes no claim to historical accuracy and owes an uncredited debt to the 1983 Channel 4 film Red Monarch, but makes for a riotously funny evening.

Non-members are welcome as guests (£4) but are asked to phone Dave Howell on 01943 430097 to reserve a seat.