As part of its UK tour, Benidorm Live brings some much-needed sunshine to Bradford, stopping at The Alhambra Theatre where Leo Owen caught the show

An iconic Hotel Solana sign and mini apartment backdrop complete with stage front “Recepción” desk welcome us to ITV’s much-loved Spanish resort. In keeping with its source material, minutes into the show one holiday-maker is poked in the derriere by an inflatable crocodile marked by the sound of a slapstick horn and the hotel manager, Sherrie (Joyce Temple-Savage), is having a “blow and go” in “Bendiorm’s premiere hair and beauty salon”.

Writer Derren Litten has clearly taken inspiration from Carry On films and pantomime, packing his live adaptation with a barrage of bawdy gags. There’s comical bitchy interplay between Sherrie and snooty guest Sophie (Tricia Adele-Turner); OAPs booking in for Brazilians; flirtatious barman Mateo (Jake Canuso) sporting speedos adorned with a “Holá” appliqué; four Cockermouth sailors sharing a family room; tribute acts like “The Black Eyed Poos” and talk of a swinger’s clubs in Old Town called The Cat Flap.

Long-time guest Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) prompts the most gasps and flabbergasted head-holding from the audience, innocently admitting she “can barely breath with a saveloy in [her] mouth” and revealing her “husband came from a long line of seamen”. Although she undoubtedly gets the most laughs, Litten’s script is ladled with sexual innuendo as sun-seekers “gag” for a drink.

Ill-timed farcical entrances are another comic device utilised by Litten, alongside confused idioms and malapropisms. Drawn-out over-explained jokes add to the humour and pregnant pauses punctuate dialogue to elicit a laugh. Characters are, of course, loud, larger-than-life and prone to misunderstandings with the band name “Scouting for Girls” and album “Songs for Swinging Lovers” resulting in general hilarity.

Litten’s plot picks up where series 10 left fans as the Solana is threatened with closure or a possible take-over. Much of the first half sees cast and audience trying to discover the identity of the undercover hotel inspector. In the style of organised package holiday entertainment, random dance routines by hotel staff bridge scenes, leading into the second act.

Taking place in Neptune’s Bar with a variety show, Act Two opens with strong vocals from Sam (Shelley Longworth). Spanish Flamenco act Fandango and perfect comic timing from shy oddball, Liam (Adam Gillen), in a wet performance of “Unforgettable”, follow. There’s also a great monologue performed in verse by Derek (Damian Williams), who won us over earlier in the show serenading Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) with “Can’t Fight this Feeling”.

Loud cheers punctuate the performance as favourite cast members of the original TV series appear on stage, hinting to the standing ovation performers predictably and deservedly received. The antics of the Hotel Solana’s dysfunctional surrogate family do not disappoint with an unexpected twist and a colourful and lively clap-along finale. Fans of the original show and newcomers alike can expect a thoroughly energising feel-good treat.