Review of The Corner House Café, 1 Garrs Lane, Grassington, BD23 5AT

Facebook: TheCornerHouseGrassington

Telephone (01756) 752414

Review by Angela Cunningham

Opening Times: Wednesday to Sunday – 10am to 4pm

Coffee £1.80 (includes top-up)

Sandwich £5.50

Scone - £2.40

“That was more than a sandwich, it was an experience!” remarks Dizzy Goddaughter (DG) as she clears her plate.

I cannot argue with that, and I sit back to relive today’s experience so far

It being a glorious day, the outside tables are occupied when we arrive, so we take our chance inside, where it’s deliciously cool, though the sun is peeking through the windows. The décor is chic enough to elevate this traditional stone cottage into the 21st century, without losing its village charm. A wood burner promises a cosy lunch in the cooler months. The proprietors, Sarah and Declan Kelly have created a distinct welcoming style of their own.

.A carafe of chilled water and tumblers is delivered to each table once the order is taken, which is a particularly nice gesture on such a hot day.

The arrival of the sandwiches certainly takes our breath away. They don’t do dainty here, more extreme bold. Granary bread in hunky slices with fillings overflowing onto the oblong serving platters, needing a bamboo skewer through the centre to keep them together. When they arrive we measure them. They come in at 2½” high, and look like works of art that would be impossible to eat without the knife and fork. DG’s sausage sandwich contains copious hefty slices of Yorkshire pork banger, whilst my chicken and smoked bacon sandwich is neatly placed around a crisp salad, along with a generous bowl of chunky mixed root crisps.

Ever observant, DG is struck by the unusual upholstery fabric, “It looks like newspaper,” she says, stroking it just to be sure it isn’t.

With our sandwiches behind us we turn our thoughts to something sweet to accompany our coffee. The counter is overflowing with delicious looking cakes - all made in house I’m assured. Today’s choice includes banana and caramel; coffee and Baileys; raspberry and white chocolate; parsnip, apple and walnut; fruit and bran loaf; and citrus, lavender and syrup cake.

After much soul searching it has to be the decant sounding citrus lavender and syrup cake, which is as divinely sticky, light as a feather and delicately flavoured as its name suggests.

It appears that this talented couple are not only expert bakers but also coffee aficionados, and it took them some investigating to find their West Moorland Blend from Skipton Coffee Co, which is full bodied yet deliciously smooth and perfect for sipping with cake.

Our walk must be completed but DG is reluctant to leave, and does so only when I promise a return visit to try more of those towering sandwiches and amazing cakes!