AS February heralds the month of love, Ilkley's vibrant artistic community is set to ignite passions with the unveiling of "RED", a captivating group exhibition at the Tinker Gallery.

From February 1st to March 30th, visitors will be immersed in a symphony of hues, exploring the myriad interpretations of this powerful and emotive colour.

Curated with a discerning eye, "RED" brings together the works of 19 talented artists, each offering a unique perspective on the colour’s significance. Spanning diverse mediums including painting, photography, textiles, glass, jewellery, print, and 3D objects, the exhibition promises an enriching visual experience that transcends boundaries.

Gallery owner Joanne Tinker said: "When I invited artists to submit work to RED, I said very little - the colour is so dominant it speaks for itself, it draws attention like no other. For me, I would include pink and burgundy, but you may disagree."

Indeed, the colour red evokes a spectrum of emotions and associations, from passion and intensity to warmth and vitality. As Valentine's month dawns upon us, "RED" offers a poignant exploration of love, interpreted through the lens of artistic expression.

Whether you're drawn to the fiery intensity of crimson or the soft allure of rose, "RED" invites art enthusiasts and casual observers alike to engage with this timeless hue in all its complexity.

Tinker Gallery is a cornerstone of Ilkley's artistic landscape, showcasing the work of emerging and established artists since March 2022. Committed to fostering creativity and dialogue, the gallery offers a dynamic platform for artistic expression and exploration.

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