A read-through of the play Glorious! takes place on Wednesday, November 8 at 7.30pm in the Wildman Studio at Ilkley Playhouse.

Set against the backdrop of Manhattan's elite circles, Glorious! tells the captivating tale of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy socialite with an insatiable passion for opera. Despite possessing a voice that would send shivers down the spine of any trained musician, Florence's relentless determination and unwavering belief in her talent propel her to the grandest stages of New York.

This heart-warming comedy celebrates Florence's unwavering spirit and her journey to fulfil her dreams, even in the face of harsh criticism. With a cast of colourful characters, including loyal friends, sceptical critics, and devoted admirers, Glorious! weaves a tale of courage, perseverance and the transformative power of music.

In addition to the read-through, this event also serves as an opportunity for attendees to audition for roles in the show.

Glorious! will grace the stage of Ilkley Playhouse from June 20th to 29th, 2024 under the direction of Chris Winstanley, who said: "This exclusive read-through shall serve as a tantalising glimpse into the upcoming performances, igniting our passions and leaving us eagerly anticipating the grand spectacle that awaits us."

People who wish to attend are asked to RSVP casting convenor Ian Taylor at ianwtaylor@yahoo.co.uk

Chris Winstanley can be contacted by email by anyone who has any questions at chris@moveison.com

Characters in the play to audition for are:

Florence Foster Jenkins: She must be played very straight to get the full humour and more importantly, innocence out of the character. Florence truly believes in her singing and everything she does. Playing age 60s to 70s. American Accent.

Cosme McMoon: Florence´s accompanist. Think 1940´s version of Joe Lycett. Wonderful if he played the piano but more important to get the right person. Playing age 30s to 50s. American Accent.

St Clair: Florence´s “Husband”. Larger than life Theatrical type who over-acts his real life. Not a good actor although he thinks he is. A bit of a ladies’ man. Playing age 50s to 60s.

Dorothy: Almost Uriah Heep-like is her blind dedication to Florence, even more innocent than her dear friend. Playing age 50s to 60s. American Accent.

Maria: Florence´s maid. This is a great character cameo role and full of comedic opportunity. Lots of non-verbal business can be used in bringing this character to life. Any Age. Spanish.

Mrs Johnson: A lovely part for perhaps an inexperienced actor to cut their teeth on the Wharfdale stage. Think American version of Hyacinth Bucket. Any age from 40s, American Accent.