“Barns, boats and crofts” is a celebration for a new series of paintings by local artist Tony Dexter on sale from The Gallery at The Art Shop on Hawksworth Street, Ilkley from 20th March to 29th April.

“Old often beached and broken wooden fishing boats that now lay forlorn, derelict barns and timeworn Crofts are an inspiration for my paintings,” says Tony.

“Battered, crumbling and weather distressed these may seem a sad sight but their flaking paint, exposed wood, stonework and roofs bring a vibrancy and variety of colour and attraction. There’s a beauty in their continued existence reminding us a way of life, a past history or even a holiday memory”

There are twelve paintings on sale in the Gallery on Hawksworth Street each 76 x 76 cms (30”x 30”) painted in acrylic on block canvas, varnished, signed and ready for hanging.

Gallery at The Art Shop owner Tim Tennant said: “We are delighted to invite Tony’s work back to the Gallery. As well as being eye-catching, vibrant and contemporary works of art the subjects really connect with our customers and visitors alike.”