ON Friday evening, October 22, Ilkley Camera Club was joined by Colin Harrison, who judged two competitions, Colours of the Rainbow and Still Life.

Competitions are an exciting part of the club’s programme and are a chance for members to receive expert feedback on their work.

In his judging Colin talked about the need for careful planning for still life photography to get the lighting right and to control every detail.

“Balance is important and finding an unusual viewpoint can be interesting,’’ he explained.

“Don’t include too much in the picture; too many elements can be a confusion.’’

Winners of the Colours of the Rainbow competition were, in first place, Alison Tetley with ‘The House at Rainbows’ End; in second place, Sharon Sawyer with ‘Oil on Water’; and in third place Adrian Hendley with ‘Street Art Stairway’.

Winners in the Still Life G R Vere Trophy were, in first place, Sharon Sawyer with ‘Forsythia’; in second place, Tim Sawyer with ‘Builder’s Tea’; and in third place, Jayne Sanderson with ‘Beetroot’.

You can see all the winning entries, including those that were commended and highly commended, on the club website at ilkleycameraclub.co.uk.

The next meeting of Ilkley Camera Club is on Friday the 29th of October when Sally Sallet from Wakefield Camera Club will give a talk called ‘Never underestimate an old woman with a camera’. Sally, who’s an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, will take members on a journey through her photographic life, starting with her first Kodak Brownie film camera.

Ilkley Camera Club is currently meeting via Zoom on Friday evenings at 7.30pm.

Anyone with an interest in photography is invited to join the group to further develop their interest in photography.

The club has been running since 1953 after some friends with a mutual interest in photography advertised in the Ilkley Gazette to find like-minded people. The current programme includes a range of topics including international documentary, street photography, wildlife and landscape.

There is also the opportunity for a more in-depth learning experience for members who want more detailed help to improve their skills as the club offers Development and Mentoring activities that involve in-depth or one-to-one discussions with a mentor.

For more information, visit the club website at ilkleycameraclub.co.uk or their Facebook page, facebook.com/ilkleycameraclub.