ILKLEY and District Motor Club is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year - and these photographs trace an early part of its history after the club had moved its headquarters to Otley.

The year 1923 saw major changes to the club which would have a lasting effect.

Club historian Janet Kitching said: “More and more members lived in the Otley area and the decision was made to move headquarters from Ilkley to the Black Horse Hotel, Otley and, so as to retain links with its origins and to bring in more car members, the name was changed from the Ilkley Motor Cycle & Light Car Club to ‘The Ilkley & District Motor Club’.

“Local businessman and JP Mr Fred Waite accepted the post of president which he held for three years. During that time he developed the social side of the club and for the first time ever, members were invited to bring their wives or lady friends to the Annual Dinner. More than 100 attended in the upstairs room at The Black Horse Hotel.

“He was succeeded by another Otley businessman, Herbert Payne, in 1926 and he was to lead the club for seven years, in one of its busiest times.”

“Membership of the club increased and in 1933 a joint venture with the Harrogate Motor Club resulted in a half day Sporting Car Trial exclusively for cars. Permission had been given by the R.A.C., the governing body, to invite members of local clubs and also members of non-territorial car clubs.

“The 60 mile route was run in the Harrogate/Otley area and sections ‘of a sporting nature’ were mostly on private land some of which had never been used before. Three new trophies - The Granby cup for the overall winner was presented by The Granby Hotel, Harrogate, a team award, the Russell Rose Bowl was presented by Mr. Russell Rose of Bradford and a Novice Award by Mrs J E Marshall of Harrogate. There were 30 competitors, the winners all being from the Ilkley club.”

The middle left picture on the right hand page shows a 20-year-old Fiat running at number one. The vehicle managed to complete the course although a choked jet caused considerable delay.

The picture next to it, taken by Ilkley member C H Wood, shows a vehicle ploughing through a water-splash at Knott Side near Pateley Bridge.

Janet said: “The Fraser Nash was originally used as a demonstrator by Aldingtons who had taken over the Company in 1929. Many years later it was found as a wreck in a rubber estate in Malaya and was eventually returned, re-bodied and registered.”

Another of C H Wood’s photographs catches the MG as it emerges from a narrow section, (top right on the left hand page).

Pie Gill Green, near Wath, Pateley Bridge,was another popular spot, where the many spectators were always ready to lend a hand. Gouthwaite reservoir can be seen in the background (bottom left on the left hand page).

The driver of the Singer, bottom right, took the wrong line and needed assistance from spectators.

A wider approach proved more successful for the Morris, bottom left.

The Sporting Car Trials were run for several years and were organised alternatively by the Harrogate and the Ilkley clubs.

In the top photograph on the right hand page Jim Marshall can be seen in his Morris Minor, together with Geoff Fletcher. Both were future presidents of the club.

When the club was formed in 1910 it was open to residents of Pool, Otley, Menston, Guiseley, Burley, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley, Addingham, Silsden, Bolton Abbey, Draughton and Skipton. It now has a membership of almost 400.