DAY to day life in Yeadon bakeries around a century or more ago can be seen in these photographs.

Four of the five pictures were taken at what could be the same High Street premises - first Rawnsley’s and then Couplands.

The final photograph (bottom right) shows a site which was later taken over by Greggs bakery. All the pictures, which are undated, are from the online archive of Aireborough Historical Society.

A wonderfully evocative shot of Rawnsley’s Bakery (top right) shows staff going about their business.

The AHS website says: “Mrs Rawnsley is the lady seated. The large ovens were steam operated, on the left girls are rolling out dough, to the right assistants stand besides trays of bread products.”

In 1908 Sarah Rawnsley was listed as having a shop on Yeadon High Street. But the premises appears to have become Couplands Bakery - a sign over the door in the top left photograph says “Late Rawnsley”.

The interior of the shop can be seen in the bottom left photograph, with Mrs Coupland standing in front of the ovens. Another picture shows staff outside.

On a site later occupied by Greggs, L Myers had a wooden unit for his business as a painter, decorator, paperhanger and contractor. The unit had previously been a tripe shop and a cobblers.