125 years ago

The monthly meeting of the Local Board was held with 12 members present. It was decided that a deputation should approach Mr Middelton, the Lord of the Manor, to ascertain what he was prepared to do towards the urgent repair of the stepping stones across the River Wharfe. A deputation from the Ilkley Tarn Band Fund waited upon the Board with reference to the proposed improvements in the vicinity of the Tarn. It was decided that the Board would provide a number of seats close by.

Ilkley Brass Band, under the leadership of Mr Bellerby, gave a free concert at the Ilkley Tarn, with the band in full uniform in front of a large and representative audience. The weather was beautiful, the music delightful and the surroundings 'delectable'. The only slight criticism of the evening's entertainment was interference by the unseemly conduct of some youngsters and a few 'rowdies' of more mature years. It was hoped to have a twice weekly evening concerts at the Tarn throughout the summer season.

100 years ago

Today will see the new Brook Street and the bridge dedicated to the use of the public forever, and at the same time the completion of an improvement without parallel in the town's development. It is a matter of congratulation to all concerned that this consummation has been arrived at and though at one time the scheme was anything but approved by many residents, all now are prepared to admit that it is the greatest improvement that has ever been undertaken in the neighbourhood.

Since Easter we have experienced a very quiet time in Ilkley; the cold, wet weather to some extent being responsible for this, as it is hardly to be expected that people will frequent health resorts in any large number under such unpleasant conditions, unless there is had at any rate a good deal in the way of amusement, which such a small place like Ilkley cannot provide in continuity.

The 3rd Lancashire Royal Engineers are for the fourth time to spend Whit week in camp in Ilkley. On the three previous occasions they have occupied the field attached to the Bridge Pleasure Ground, but this year the company is to be situate in Mr Green's field adjoining Ben Rhydding Bridge, which though not so central provides a larger area for field works, and a much more suitable stretch of river for bridging operations.

75 years ago

BAD weather spoilt the beginning of Ilkley's Whitsuntide weekend in 1931. But a wet start to the holiday wasn't all bad news, as the May 29 edition of the Gazette reported.

"One feature of Sunday's rain, however, was that it did enable the visitors to the town to realise the fact that when Ilkley's guide books talk about waterfalls they are not drawing too heavily on the long bow, for Willy Hall Spout and Backstone Beck were thundering torrents of white foam, to which scores of people made their way after the rain had cleared."

A pilot, meanwhile, was left badly shaken after his glider went into a nose-dive during an exhibition at Woofa Bank, between Addingham and Silsden. Ilkley Gliding Club had been entertaining Whitsuntide visitors with a display, which attracted 1,000 visitors, when the accident happened. "Disaster came with the very first flight of the day,"the Gazette reported. "Herr Krause was successfully catapulted from the crest of the hill into the wind and rose beautifully. Climbing to a height of 150 to 200 feet he sailed out towards the eastern end of the hill, banked and turned back towards the crowd when the machine went into a spin and nosedived in an alarming manner. Stewards rushed to the crashed glider fearing the worst, but were relieved to find the pilot apparently unhurt and raring to go again."

50 years ago

The novelist, Miss Naomi Jacob, launched attacks on the circus, pet shops, and children who were cruel to animals whean speaking to the Craven and Upper Wharfedale RSPCA held in the Blue Bird Caf, Ilkley. She described pet shops as 'sores and horrors on the face of England', and said children should be punished for being cruel to animals in the same way as they had punished the animals.

The possibility of the formation of a second Association Football team in Ilkley was discussed by a group of footballers from Ilkley, Burley and Otley this week. It is understood that the team would be entered into the local Wharfedale League. The colours of the team would be decided at a general meeting. The name has yet to be decided, with the founder group equally favouring Ilkley Amateurs or Ilkley AFC.

Ilkley Education Committee has passed a resolution protesting against the proposed merger of by the West Riding Education Committee and the Airedale Divisional Executive. The committee invited the West Riding Education Committee to consider vesting wider powers in local sub committees thereby eliminating a good deal of the cost of administration without encroaching upon efficiency'.

25 years ago

The Soroptimists International of Ilkley, which raised money for an eye camp in India, has received a letter from the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind giving information about the work of the eye camps and thanking them for their sponsorship. Miss E Hughes, of Ilkley Soroptimists, said many people in Ilkley had supported the soroptimists over the years.

Exactly 75 years since its official opening the bridge carrying New Brook Street across the River Wharfe at Ilkley is to undergo a £45,000 facelift. The condition of the fixings for the parapet had been causing some concern, and following a detailed inspection it became apparent that some repair work would be necessary to prevent further deterioration.

Ilkley's international showbiz journalist John Rimmington has just released his first record and those who have heard it are tipping it to top the charts within weeks. This week Mr Rimmington has received letters from Buckingham Palace on behalf of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer with regard to the record. It was while at the London Palladium with Liberace last year that Mr Rimmington decided to produce a pop record to commemorate the forthcoming royal wedding.