AS we shiver our way through winter it’s worth reminding ourselves that it could be so much worse.

In the early part of 1933 Britain was battered by blizzard conditions, with gales and heavy snowstorms sweeping the country and leaving massive snowdrifts in their wake.

Drifts of 14ft were recorded on Yorkshire’s moors and dales ,and towns and villages around the UK were covered in a thick blanket of snow at the end of February.

These pictures from Yeadon and Guiseley show just how bad the conditions were in many areas, with villages cut off across large swathes of the country.

In the Aireborough Historical Society photographs, a group of hardy individuals can be seen enjoying a hot drink as they take a break from snow clearing at Town Head in Guiseley.

Another shot shows stranded vehicles on New Road Side, Yeadon. A man with a spade appears to be attempting to dig out a lorry. A gasometer and chimney which were part of Yeadon Gasworks on Gill Lane can be seen.

Another picture shows a train making its way through heavy snow at Guiseley Station.

Other photographs show Yeadon streets blanketed in snow.