KEEPING the street clean was a communal activity when these women were pictured back in 1910.

The Aireborough Historical Society photographs on South View Terrace were originally taken onto glass slides by E E Slater of Hopeville House, Yeadon.

A whole horde of women were out in force to ensure the steps and pavements in front of their homes were kept clean - a matter of great pride to them.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: “Some services that we take for granted these days were not always the case.

“Take for example street cleaning, waste removal and keeping your privy in good order.

“A local Government Act of 1858 had in it specific Bye Laws drawn up by the local Board of Yeadon for street cleaning, removal of waste and, keeping your privy clean.”

“Every occupier of premises within the Yeadon District was responsible for keeping the footpath adjoining his premises free from filth and clean.”

Also pictured is well known Yeadon night soil man Charlie Wilkinson, (front left) who was part of a group captured on camera in 1934. Night soil men went round at night to remove waste from cesspits and privies.