THE INTRODUCTION of railways changed the face of travel in this country - but in the early decades there was still a place for more traditional methods of transport.

Apperley Bridge Station was opened in 1846 as part of the Leeds and Bradford Railway - but for many years afterwards horse drawn cabs plied their trade, taking passengers to and from their trains.

These pictures from Aireborough Historical Society show how the old and the new old co-existed for quite some time.

The photograph on the bottom left was taken in 1905 and shows cabs waiting outside the station to pick up passengers.

The picture on the top right also shows cabs outside and was probably taken around the same time or possible earlier. Several companies vied with each other to take passengers to and from the station.Two street scenes show how quiet the road was outside the station.

In the middle early image we see staff gathered in the station itself, some standing on the tracks to pose for the photograph. The woman in the middle of the group on the platform is selling newspapers and has been identified as Mrs Ellen Thomas.

The station was one of many to fall foul of the Beeching axe and was closed in 1965. A new Apperley Bridge Station was opened in 2015.