125 Years Ago - 1894

We have to announce the sudden death of Mr John Wilde, who for a great number of years has carried on business in Ilkley, first as draper, and subsequently as stationer. His death took place at about eleven o’clock on Tuesday morning. He was serving customers in his shop on the Grove, when suddenly he fell backwards and expired immediately. Medical assistance was called in, just in time to see him pass away.

Before the magistrates at Otley Police Court, on Tuesday, Margaret Alice Murphy, twelve years of age, was brought up on a charge of stealing a lady’s gold ring , a gold locket, a gold compass, and two pocket knives, all the property of Mr. Henry Moisley, shoemaker, the Grove, Ilkley. It appears that the prisoner was employed by Mr. Moisley as nurse in the day-time, going home to sleep. The girl’s father was bound over in the sum of £5 for six months to come up for judgement when called upon.

100 Years Ago - 1919

During the last few months the coal situation at Addingham has been very serious, many people not having supplies at all, and the outlook was undoubtedly black. Fortunately the outlook has brightened, and last week supplies were delivered to the unfortunate persons. The mills, fortunately, have not been placed in any difficulty by the shortage.

The meeting of the joint Sub-Committee for Discharged Soldiers and Sailors was held at the chambers, Ilkley, yesterday, for the purpose of interviewing disabled men, and with a view to assisting them in finding suitable employment.

75 Years Ago - 1944

Amidst the ebb and flow of battles overseas, the dominant thought of most of us at the moment is how soon will the war be over, and once it is over, how soon will we be able to return to what we usually describe as “the good old days.”I think most of us are determined that many things which we used to associate with the “good old days” were not so “good” after all, and consequently we all have ideas about things which we have learnt during the last five years, and so far as we are able, we shall want to see quite definite changes made in almost every aspect of our lives.

In all Christian churches and communities throughout the country people responded to the King’s appeal to mark the fifth anniversary of the war as a National Day of Prayer. There was a special service at the Ben Rhydding Parish Church, where members of the Ilkley Home Guard and helpers from the Home Guard Canteen joined the congregation for the morning service, helping to form one of the largest gatherings there in the history of the church.

50 Years Ago - 1969

It appears that not only does Ilkley provide many of its visitors with an entirely free day’s holiday but there are additional advantages for them. It has been appreciated that in the Spring they depart clutching bunches of bluebells torn from Middleton woods, a few daffodils plucked from the public parks and towards the end of summer display a sprig of heather or two as they start the homeward journey. But now apparently they bring a spade to dig up clumps of heather to go with the pieces of turf they have taken from the moor edge, and openly in the parks and flower beds, relying on the town’s traditional generosity, they take cuttings from geraniums.

A man who paid £800 in cash for a semi-detached house in Sun Lane, Burley in Wharfedale has not been traced since. He has never occupied the house and its deterioration finally caused the council to step in following complaints about the neglected appearance affecting the amenities of the district.

25 Years Ago - 1994

A dog has been labelled a ‘real-life Lassie’ for helping rescue her injured owner who was stranded all night on moorland. Gemma, a nine-year-old sheep-dog Labrador cross, has earned comparisons with the family film favourite after keeping Joan Hardy warm when the pensioner fell down a gully. The dog’s barks also succeeded where a police helicopter failed and alerted a nearby resident who contacted emergency services.