EMSLEY’S grocers shop in Rawdon was the subject of this undated, photograph.

Donated to Aireborough Historical Society by Carol Hall the picture is thought to show Mrs Emsley standing in the doorway of the shop, which stood at the junction of Over Lane and Larkfield Road.

A notice gives the prices of groceries: Danish butter 1/7d 1lb, bacon 1/2d 1lb, pineapple 7d a tin, pears large tin 1/5 halfpenny.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: “To the younger readers of the Wharfedale Observer who have no idea what shillings and pence were, these prices are the equivalent of: - 8p per 453gsms of butter,

6p for 453gsms of bacon, 3.5p per tin of pineapple, 7p per large tin of pears.”

The second photgraph shows children at Wharfedale Music Festival in 1946.