DECADES old photographs of Apperley Bridge Station attracted thousands of hits and brought back memories when they were posted online.

The Aireborough Historical Society post had 3,600 page views within eight hours of going on Facebook on Tuesday, June 12. Two days later that figure had reached more than 5,500.

Among those looking at the 1958 snap of boys watching a steam locomotive was Gordon Eddison who said: “The smaller of the two boys is - me. With my Dad Harry Eddison and our faithful little A35 van.”

Daniel Pugh recognised his old school in the background.

Jean Robinson wrote: “I remember my mum taking me shopping to Bradford one Saturday and it became very foggy and they cancelled the bus service (we lived at the bottom of Micklefield Lane). Fortunately, the trains were still running and we eventually arrived at the Apperley Lane station. The fog was very thick and scary to a small child and we had to walk all the way up the hill to get home. It seemed to take forever Thank you for bringing these memories back.”

The pictures were donated by Stephen Allinson

First World War sentences by Richard Thackrah

Appeal to Volunteers it is officially stated with reference to the appeal to Volunteers to undertake special service that the appeal will be made to all Volunteers from 35 years of age and upwards who are Grade II men and who are efficient. Excavations on the site of the Roman fort to ascertain the amount and depth of the debris of the Roman period.. This will help to work out the cost of a complete evacuation of the site.