125 Years Ago - 1893

On Tuesday last week the death took place of an old and highly-respected inhabitant of Addingham, in the person of Mr Wm. Smith, in the 70th year of his age. For many months past he had been in a weak state of health, and after a lingering illness died. In his early days knowledge was far more difficult to obtain than than at the present day, but his love of learning led him to the study of books, and of many subjects he had a very fair knowledge.

A fire was discovered on Sunday morning, about eleven o’clock in the lock-up shop of Mr. J. W. Goodacre, chemist and druggist, Town Street, Horsforth. The Leeds Corporation fire brigade was at once telegraphed for, but, thanks to the efforts of a large number of willing hands, the fire was almost extinguished before their arrival.

100 Years Ago - 1918

There was a big recruiting rally at Otley on Saturday on behalf of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. Subsequently an exhibition of women’s war work was opened in the Mechanics’ Institute by Lady Lawson Tancred, of Boroughbridge. Lady Lawson Tancred claimed that if women had not helped to win the war, England would now be lying at the feet of Germany a defeated nation. In the future their grandchildren and great grandchildren would be able to say that the war had been won not only by their grandfathers but also by their grandmothers.

War-time happenings: The use of straw for the purpose of bedding horses is forbidden under a new law.

75 Years Ago - 1943

“We are met on the eve of the consummation of the most important event in the history of local government of this town,” said Mr William Dobson, the oldest member of the Ilkley Council, when addressing the Ilkley Rotary Club at their weekly luncheon. At the end of the present month there falls due the final payment in the purchase of Ilkley moors, and Mr. Dobson in his address told the story of how the moors came to be bought, and of the great effect which that purchase had upon the future development of the town.

L/Cpl. George Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, Marlborough House, Ilkley, who is serving with an Armoured Brigade in Tunisia, tells in recent letters home, some interesting details of conditions in that country. He writes: - “As you know the show is over up here. At 9.15am on Thursday, May 13 - not an unlucky date this one - came the ‘Cease Fire’ and bang went the Axis out of Africa. I should not have minded accompanying Von Arnim to England, but it looks as though we may have to fight our way home. However, it may not take us very long to do that.”

50 Years Ago - 1968

Healthy children thrive best on routine. It is the sudden upset of their normal routine which, in summer, sometimes induces to minor disorders. Sea air and sea water as well as the direct rays of the sun, have a highly stimulating effect on the nervous system. At holiday times the wise aim with the children is a gradual progression from the routine of schooldays to the free life of seaside or country.

Souvenir sets of five of Britain’s new decimal coins go on sale at banks and main post offices next Tuesday. The Decimal Currency Board emphasises that these new “coppers” will not be legal tender and cannot be used to buy anything before the UK switches to decimal currency on D (Decimal) Day on 15 February, 1971.

25 Years Ago - 1993

Ilkley’s fight for holiday resort status was thrown into confusion this week. councillors had been pressing for the official label in the hope it would bring in more European Community grants and support services from Bradford Council. But a letter from City Hall has indicated that the town is pursuing a pointless battle - because the status would not result in any cash rewards.

Naomi Miller from Ilkley hates having to buy new shoes. She takes a size eight and has great difficulty finding smart but fashionable footwear, especially in local shops. Although city centre stores have a bigger choice, Naomi works in Otley and does not always have time to trek into Leeds or Bradford.