125 Years Ago - 1892

It is very many years since trade at Yeadon was in such a depressed condition. Since August last year three employers of labour, namely Mr. WM. Murgatroyd, Mr. Simeon Bolton and Mr. Edward Denison, who have run their mills night and day for years, have ceased to run at nights. Three to four hundred workpeople, to give a low estimate, have thus been thrown out of employ. But it is not all. Two or three other mills in the township are running short time, whilst in the remainder, fully half the machinery is standing idle.

Whilst coming out of the Malt Shovel Hotel, Burley, on Monday last, Mr Rhodes Busfield slipped on the tiled passage and fell, breaking his leg.The fractured limb was set, and Mr Busfield is now progressing favourably.

100 Years Ago - 1917

Captain Basil Stainforth Mann, aged 21, fell in action Nov 27th, when leading his company. He was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mann, Fernbank, Ilkley, and was educated at Oakham School. He joined the Inns of Court O.T.C. November 1914, was gazetted March, 1915, and went to the Front in November of the same year.

Many of the local soldiers and sailors in England have already received their Christmas parcels, and they are also beginning to make their appearance amongst the local boys in France and Flanders, though it will be some weeks before those sent to Salonika, India, Mesopotamia, Palestine, East Africa, &c., begin to arrive.Thanks for parcels are now coming in, and it is very evident that they are as much appreciated as their contents are enjoyable. They remind the recipients of home, and also of the fact that they are not forgotten; which means very much to men separated from all they love and hold most dear.

75 Years Ago - 1942

A mutual assistance scheme to operate in case of air raid damage in Ilkley was was accepted by a meeting of local tradespeople held at the Blue Bird Cafe.

Over £700 was raised as a result of the Prisoners of War Week held in the Ilkley district which concluded with a flag day.

50 Years Ago - 1967

The Executive Committee of the Ilkley Sports Council has suggested the construction of an indoor swimming pool at the rear of the open air bathing pool and also a covered sports centre in the same area. The Moor and Parks Committee of Ilkley Council has given support to the idea.

The important part that women take in many spheres of public administration and the welfare services is surveyed by Lord Leatherland, continuing his series of articles on aspects of local government. “Let us agree on this for a start: women are very useful and delightful people. They smother us with affection from our earliest years, they guide our steps through childhood, and ultimately with a sense of well-earned pride they launch us into the grown up world. Wherever we eventually find ourselves, they are to help us, to care for us, to feed us, and - I have even heard it said - sometimes to annoy us. We see them everywhere. But among the worthiest of them are those women who staff our Town Halls and county and district council offices.”

25 Years Ago - 1992

People in Wharfedale and Aireborough are now able to get some idea of how much council tax they will be paying next year. A copy of the valuation lists of properties has been made available for inspection for the first time at the council area offices in Otley, Horsforth, Aireborough and Ilkley. The council tax comes into force in April 1993 and replaces the poll tax.

A senior doctor has criticised the legal limit of alcohol for driving. Mr Michael Flowers, senior consultant in Leeds General Infirmary casualty department, said that the current limit of 80 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood was “crazy”. He said that even 30mg resulted in some loss of perception and as alcohol was a sedative it could result in momentary loss of concentration which was very dangerous when drivers often needed to make split second judgements. Depending on a number of factors, 30mg is equal to about one pint of beer.