125 years ago

The weather accompanying the Whitsuntide Holidays has this year been truly splendid and the result has been a tremendous influx of visitors to Ilkley. Every train arriving at the station up to noon on Tuesday was crowded and Ilkley once more looked like what it used to be in the 'palmy' days of good trade and high wages.

At Otley police court a man of no fixed abode was charged with sleeping out at Ilkley on premises belonging to Mr Beanlands. The defendant was continually guilty of this offence and was in a most filthy condition. Defendant was offered the workhouse but he declined to accept it, and was committed to Wakefield for a month's imprisonment.

Strenuous efforts are being made to reduce the debt incurred in the renovation of the Weslyan Chapel in Addingham and the young men of the congregation having recently given an entertainment with a view to reduce the same, the young ladies followed with one in the schoolroom. The proceedings were prefaced by tea provided by the young ladies in fine style.

100 years ago

Much amusement was caused in Ilkley with the novel sight of a pig hunt taking place on the roof of the stables and outbuildings behind the Crescent Hotel. Mounting the stone steps in the south-east of the yard, the pig got on the roof without difficulty and for a long time evaded its pursuers who were afraid the animal might lose its footing and come to grief. It was secured after much hilarity without mishap.

A number of fine Loch Leven trout were found dead in one of the streams feeding the March Ghyll reservoir, and under circumstances that suggested poisoning by chloride of lime. The conclusion could only be that this was a deliberate act as it could not possibly have been caused owing to pollution.

The river bailiff observed a curious effect of the abnormal fresh' of the River Wharfe when he saw two large salmon, one weighing around 20 pounds, the other about half that. It has been at least 20 years since a salmon had been so far up the Wharfe and it was supposed that their presence was due to the quantity of the water that had been in the river over a long period.

75 years ago

It has been urged nearly for two generations that Ilkley possesses natural waters of considerable medical value, yet it has treated these so casually one cannot blame the public for regarding them as of very minor incidence in the general attractions of Ilkley as a health resort. What is needed as soon as ever funds permit is a comprehensive survey and analysis of Ilkley's medical waters. Once Ilkley knows what medical water it possesses and what is its value, the point can then be considered as to how far those waters should be centralised and the curative qualities of those waters brought to the attention of the whole country.

The weather lived up to its reputation on the occasion of the Ilkley Grammar School Senior Sports on Saturday, and a soddened ground led to the event being postponed indefinitely. The event has so often been marred by rain that people interested in local weather lore have come to regard the days upon which these events fall as being certain to have a magnetic effect upon any rain in the vicinity.

Wharfedale Scouts and Guides held their annual Empire Day Service in the King's Hall, Ilkley, on Sunday afternoon, more than 600 taking part. The procession passed along The Grove, with former District Commissioner of Scouts Mr Gordon M May, of Adel, taking the salute.

50 years ago

A 4 cwt safe which was stolen from Tuniscliffe's Garage, Ilkley, on Sunday evening was found four miles south of Towcester, Northants, on Monday evening. The safe had been blown or forced open and the charred remains of its contents included income tax papers, savings certificates, post war credits and ledgers. Missing was £75 to £100 cash and a new cheque book.

When Chipperfields Circus visited Ilkley considerable interest was shown by the company in the Ben Rhydding showroom Cara Cars Ltd. In fact so great was the interest shown by Miss Ann Chipperfield that on the night she departed from the district she bought a luxury caravan worth between £1,000 and £2,000.

Opinion was divided at the Ilkley Road Safety Committee on the best method of bringing about a reduction in the number of accidents on the stretch of road known near the Youth Hostel, Burley Woodhead. One section of the committee supported the banking of the road but another saw the birth of a 'speed track' by using such methods.

25 years ago

Local anglers are preparing for the coarse fishing season which starts on June 1. Some waters have been restocked and arrangements made for a large number of matches during the season. It has been agreed among angling club officials that anyone found poaching fish should be severely dealt with.

Potential dangers caused by illegal digging for bottles on the site of an old tip in Silsden Road, Addingham, were highlighted at the May meeting of the Addingham Parish Council. County Councillor John Wells said he was appalled at the 'Lunar landscape' left by people digging on the site, and he was worried there could be a landslip into the beck.

Although Bradford Metropolitan Council would make every effort to help Addingham in the Britain in Bloom and Best Kept Village competitions this year, it could not guarantee a satisfactory level of maintenance on county council owned land Bradford's Chief Executive has told Addingham Parish Council. Last year the land owned and looked after by the district had received high marks but county owned land had lost marks.