Picture 1: This photograph from the Hilda Holmes Collection, belonging to the Friends of the Manor House, was taken in 1973 and shows the demolition of a viaduct in Ilkley.

It was sent in by Professor Mike Dixon after debate about the date of a photograph of Brook Street in Across the Years.

He says: “On the basis of some distinctive cars parked in Brook Street, Peter Settle (Letters, March 13) deduces that the photograph looking west into the central car park was taken in the 1970s – probably around 1975.

“He also observes that ‘the old embankment is in place at the far end of the car park’. This is in fact the exposed first arch of the viaduct that formerly took the Skipton extension of the railway through the centre of Ilkley.”

He adds: “The second arch constitutes the bridge across Cunliffe Road. The entire 25-arch viaduct had been demolished by the end of September. Thus, the Brook Street photo must have been taken before the end of August 1973.”

Meanwhile another reader, Tim Edwards, says: “The Brook Street photo is certainly a bit earlier than 1975. The railway to Skipton line officially closed on January 3, 1966 (passenger serviced having ceased in March 1965). The double track was lifted in spring 1966 and the famous iron bridge across Brook Street removed in July of that year. The bridge abutments and embankment (where Avanti cafe now stands) remained until 1969 when the car park was extended. The paving and soil in the photo still looks very new, suggesting the photo was taken not long after. The Ford Cortina Mk III wasn't introduced until late 1970 and few were produced until the following year (due to industrial action at Ford). The photo has to be prior to 1973, as the end of the long railway viaduct that started at Cunliffe Road and continued to Yew Bank Terrace can be seen in the background. This was demolished that year.

“There are few leaves on the trees so, my guess – early 1971.”

Picture 2: Rugby players at Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley, were captured in this photograph taken more than 60 years ago.

The boys have been identified by a reader as – Back row, from left, Brian Walkley, Jimmy Trotter, possibly John Tomlinson, David Hemmingway, Chris Hall, possibly Raymond Pottage, Colin Moore, Ron Hannam and PE teacher Mr ‘Chuck’ Waite. From row, from left, Pete Smith, Alex Kirby, Harry Wilkinson, Les Cooke, Keith Duxbury (captain), Malcolm Grey, Keith Oliver, Ken Brown and Keith Denham.