SIR - n the wake of the scandalous Windrush affair, we have heard so many insincere ''apologies'' from Tory politicians and attempts to deflect blame on to incompetent or over zealous home office civil servants who they claim, made mistakes in implementing their policies.

Today came the best yet!

Amber Rudd has vowed to grant British citizenship to all people affected by the racially motivated policy. Surely the people who came here as British subjects along with their children and worked all their lives, paying taxes should already have automatic British citizenship.

Even when shamed and shown in their true light, these right wing bigots cannot show the compassion that they claim to be so proud of as ''compassionate Conservatives'', a contradiction in terms if ever one existed.

It`s time Rudd and May held their hands up, accepted the blame and resigned.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford