Thelma And Mick Tinsley

TINSLEY Thelma and Mick would like to thank family and friends for all the cards and best wishes on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary and for all who came to the party and especially to Andy Max for keeping us all dancing! Lots of love xx



  • Shirley Tuckersays...

    Congratulations for last year. l just happened to get on this site just to see if there are any people still around who l knew.l don't know if you remember me Thelma but you lived in Dean Street a few doors down from Doris Stewart you have or l hope you still have a sister Brenda and brother Jimmy.Do you remember when we worked together at Lakelands? My name is Shirley Tucker was Drennan.My husband Ron is 93 in May.Just wanted to say hello My email address is if you want to reply
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