The organisers of the long-established Otley Cycle Race is already planning ahead.

They have set the date of their 2014 race for Wednesday, July 2, the day before the Tour-de France riders are intro- duced in Leeds when the world’s most famous race comes to Yorkshire, Race director Giles Pidcock says that they have had expressions of interest from potential corporate sponsors since last week’s announce- ment of the tour route.

Otley’s 2012 race, which attracted a record 14,000 crowd, impressed Welcome to Yorkshire officials who attended and now promote it as a sporting attraction.

He said: “The Tour de France is a massive event and already it is sparking huge interest.

“We have had inquiries from some large corporate busi- nesses with regard to be- coming involved with the event, but as this point all options are open.

“We do have our regular local sponsorships in place for 2013, but we are prepared to consider every proposal that is put to us.”

Pidcock added: “One of the big challenges for all of us is to use the Tour de France to create a lasting legacy for the cycling industry here in Yorkshire.

“This isn’t just about getting people riding bikes it is also about bring business in for our cycle shops and attracting tourists to ride in the Dales.”